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About Arachnid

Welcome to Arachnid!

We would like you to read this short introduction to our guild, to understand how we started it, and where we are heading in the future. You will also get a very clear picture of what we need from our members to be a part of our unique team. NEW MEMBERS - please read the FAQ on the forums so you know what we expect.

The Beginning

Arachnid was formed in May 2008. From a humble start with 11 players on the guild roster, Arachnid is now a large guild with good progression and big ambitions. We have proven that you don't need to raid every night of the week to be in the top 10 most progressing guilds. What you do need is dedication and focus when we do raid to make the most of the time we have.

Our Vision

Our vision hasn't changed - we will be in the Top 10 most progressing Horde Guilds on Aggramar. We will do this in a patient and relaxed atmosphere as we want our members to enjoy all aspects of the game. We are not a a casual raiding guild but we are not hardcore either.  We understand that real life is important, that people burn out and that having a good time is why we play this game in the first place - but don't be fooled into thinking we are not serious raiders.

Our Demands

We ask the following from our members:

Treat people with fairness and respect both inside and outside guild

Make sure you turn up to raids fully prepared (pots/flasks/bandages/buff foods etc.) and be on time

Be prepared to fully focus on the raid and to play your character to the best of your ability

Take time to help our social members - they are the raiders of tomorrow


GM of Arachnid

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